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music: "Exit" from Alice`s LP "God is my DJ", 1998
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edit 09/2013
"When he (BXVI) came to Manoppello," said Badde, "he already knew all about that face. The then Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became pope, was my neighbor. I had kept him informed regarding all my research on the Holy Face and he was the first to whom I gave a copy of my book on the Holy Face as soon as it was published in Germany in 2004. It was inevitable for him to become a pilgrim in Manoppello." (see link)

edit June 12th, 2018
this was the beginning of the "iconic turn"
weiterführender Link: //holyfaceofmanoppello.blogspot.de/2013/08/antonio-bini-reporting-from-rimini.html
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