12 Menschen. 1 fantastische Reise.

Help us go the distance! Join the band of pilgrims by supporting this project! These pilgrims commit to offering their sacrifices, prayers, Masses, communions, rosaries, pains and difficulties for those who have, in any way, helped us carry out this beautiful endeavor.

There are many ways to contribute to this documentary project. You can pray, make a sacrifice, pledge, donate, spread the word, give us feedback or volunteer in any other way. For simply doing so, you will be added to this list of Spiritual Pilgrims who have begun to walk with us on our to Way to St. James.

Anytime you take twelve men, twelve different souls, and put them together for a prolonged period of time, all aspects of the individuals are put to the test. When you do this amidst a forty day, five-hundred mile journey, each person will come to know sides of each other, and of himself, that he may or may not have known before. Grassroots Films wants to capture the honesty of this experience in all its rugged and calloused glory. Grassroots Films will capture the men's experiences: the spiritual, the emotional, the physical, the social, and the intellectual.
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Jakobsweg - The Way of St James Movie
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