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Medjugorje, August 22, 2017, Queenship of Mary

Dear Children of Medjugorje, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

1- On August 2, 2017, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross in the midst of a very large crowd of young people. After the apparition, she shared the following message from Our Lady:

"Dear children! Thank you for continuing to respond to my invitations and for gathering here around me, your heavenly mother. I know that you are thinking of me with love and hope. I, too, feel love for all of you, just as my most beloved Son also feels it: He who, through his merciful love, is always sending me to you anew; He who was man; He who was and is God - one and triune; He who suffered in body and soul for your sake; He who made Himself bread to feed your souls and thus to save them. My children, I am teaching you how to be worthy of His love, to direct your thoughts to Him, to live my Son.
Apostles of my love, I am covering you with my mantle, because as a mother I desire to protect you. I am imploring you to pray for the whole world. My heart is suffering. Sins are multiplying, they are too numerous. But with the help of those of you who are humble, modest, filled with love, hidden and holy, my heart will triumph. Love my Son above all and the whole world through Him. Never forget that each of your brothers, within himself, carries something precious - the soul. Therefore, my children, love all those who do not know my Son, so that through prayer and the love which comes through prayer, they may become better; that the goodness in them could win; that souls could be saved and have eternal life.
My apostles, my children, my Son told you to love one another. May this be inscribed in your hearts and with prayer, try to live that love. Thank you."
Watch the apparition here:

Apparition of August 2, 2017
Apparition of August 2, 2017

2. The horrible crime - Katia told me her story, and if I had not met her, I would never have believed the nightmare she went through.
When she met Claudio, her husband, he was a "good guy", although he had bouts of depression, with some ups and downs. But Katia didn't worry about it. He didn't want children (Katia didn't know that, in the eyes of the Church, this is a cause of nullity of marriage), but she wanted at least four. Claudio soon became very harsh and increasingly depressed, especially when their daughter was born. He loved her very much, and although he was never violent, he was very bossy with her. Katia saw her life become more and more restricted, limited by Claudio's depression and his authoritarianism. Furthermore, he blamed his wife for everything; she was the reason for anything that went wrong. He was taking medication to control his depression, but in vain.
In 2008, on her way home one day, Katia found her 7 year-old daughter stabbed with seven deadly wounds and Claudio lying dead in his own blood. Had he had a raptus - a pathological paroxysm giving vent to impulse, even violence? Only God knows! Here is what Katia said:
"To say that I was desperate is too weak a word. My life was broken forever; I thought I couldn't go on living. The pain was excruciating, impossible to bear. My gut was torn to shreds. I wanted to die. Only my faith in God prevented me from doing something terrible. Three days after the tragedy, a friend saw my daughter in a dream, in the arms of the Mother of God. That comforted me a great deal! Then, one morning, I opened my eyes and saw my daughter at the foot of my bed. She didn't talk to me, but she looked at me with great tenderness. Her eyes told me so much! I knew then that I had to choose to live, since my little one was with me. The fever immediately left me; I was able to stop taking medication and go back to work. But the pain remained and there was this resentment in me that blocked any possibility of serenity. It was like a stone that crushed my heart. I was angry at everyone.

The Krizevac effect - "I was able to go to Medjugorje last year, my heart full of hope, knowing that my daughter is happy with Jesus and Mary. On Mount Krizevac, the cross mountain, at the 4th station of the Cross where Jesus met his mother, my gaze was drawn to the brilliant reflection from a stone and I clearly saw in this reflection my little baby girl, smiling as always. I burst into tears. I sobbed for a very long time. When I pulled myself together, I found peace and serenity at the depth of my heart. The pain had left me! I was able to forgive my husband and those who did me wrong. I was healed!
Now, I praise and thank Jesus and Mary every day. I live alone and I work. I take care of my parents. My strength is renewed by the Sunday Eucharist and Thursday adoration in my parish."

How was Katia able to come out happy from this awful nightmare? I was able to personally sense her deep serenity when I met her. Once again, the miracle of peace that is granted in Medjugorje is proven real, the Mother of Mercy and her Son Jesus beautifully restored the heart and life of this broken mom, who trusted them!

3. A Splendid Consecration! On August 14th, we celebrated St Maximilian Kolbe, who died as a saint in the Auschwitz camp in 1941. His passion was to make known the Immaculate Mother of God and for people to learn to love her. He left us with a beautiful prayer! I noticed that many people wonder how they can devote themselves to Mary so as to really belong to her. Therefore I wish to mention here the prayer of consecration of Fr. Kolbe, which he experienced himself until his death of love:

O Immaculate, Queen of heaven and earth, Refuge of sinners and our most loving Mother, God has willed to entrust the entire order of mercy to You. I.... an unworthy sinner, cast myself at Your feet, humbly imploring You to take me with all that I am and have, wholly to Yourself as Your possession and property. Please make of me, of all my powers of soul and body, of my whole life, death, and eternity, whatever pleases You. If it pleases You, use all that I am and have without reserve, wholly to accomplish what has been said of You: "She will crush your head", and "You alone have destroyed all heresies in the whole world." Let me be a fit instrument in Your immaculate and most merciful hands for introducing and increasing Your glory to the maximum in all the many strayed and indifferent souls, and thus help extend as far as possible the blessed Kingdom of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. For, wherever You enter, You obtain the grace of conversion and sanctification, since it is through Your hands that all graces come to us from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

4. With great joy, Father Jozo Zovko celebrated his Golden Jubilee with Jesus, the High Priest: in other words the 50th anniversary of his ordination! This took place the day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, on August 6, at Badija, on the island of Korčula. See https://franjevci.info/zlatna-misa-fra-joze-zovke/

5. Do not abandon Medjugorje! Since the negative note expressed by the Pope in his interview in Lisbon on May 13 (that the Virgin is not a post-office employee, etc.) some pilgrimages were cancelled. What a pity! We must above all be aware of the huge step forward for Medjugorje, as expressed by the Pope that same day: that the apparitions of the 7 first days will be recognized as authentic (Fatima had 6...!). The positive conclusions of Cardinal Ruini's Commission were accepted, even praised by the Pope! This will make the shrine of Medjugorje a genuine place of Marian apparitions. Even a single day would have sufficed to place Medjugorje on the list of apparitions recognized by the Church. So, please, without fear, answer Our Lady's call and come in large numbers! This will hasten the fulfillment of Mary's plans for all of us and the coming of the Great Sign on Podbrdo that she foretold!

6. The next live broadcast in French will be on September 3. The latest live program (June 26) is broadcast on this link: http://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/direct-du-26-anniversaire-des-aparitions/

Dearest Gospa, seeing the lack of peace in today's world, more than ever we beseech you, Refuge of Sinners and loving Mother: please hasten the day of the triumph of your Immaculate Heart, and decrease the time of tears! Are you looking for workers and apostles of your love? Here we are!

Sister Emmanuel +

PS1. Great News! Sister's new book, "Scandalous Mercy. When God goes beyond the boundaries" will be out in Medjugorje by the beginning of September, and soon as an E Book! Preface from Ralph Martin. Keep watch on our website for the details. www.sremmanuel.org

PS2. Our upcoming missions, the fruits of which will depend a great deal on your intercession: Spain in September. Italy in October; Argentina, Uruguay and Chile in November. Details will be given in the first days of September.

PS3. The Youth Festival was a precious wonder! Tens of thousands of young people and over 500 priests from 70 different nations were gathered here, enabling young people to see the beautiful face of the Church and the Holy Spirit living in her. More than 700,000 people were able to follow the Festival every day on the net. Here's a "private" little video about the young people who stayed in our House...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQJHxXtbAhQr

PS4. On Aug. 18, the visionary Ivan received this message at the Blue Cross during a public apparition at 10pm: "Dear Children, today again I wish to call you to pray for peace. Peace in your hearts, peace in your families. Know that I pray for all of you. I pray before my Son and I intercede for all of you. Thank you, dear children, for your perseverance and for having responded to my call today."

PS5. Vicka is still suffering a great deal because of her back, pray that her deep desire may be fulfilled: to give witness again for the pilgrims.

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