Again there is a perfect picture from my friend and Photographer:
Rudolf Baier, Friedberg, Germany!

This picture shows something very speziel a Blue Moon!

Definition of blue moon - a phenomenon whereby the moon appears bluish owing to smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, a second full moon in a calendar.

Blue Moon („Blauer Mond“) ist im englischen Sprachraum landläufig die Bezeichnung für einen zweiten Vollmond innerhalb eines Monats im gregorianischen Kalender. In der Umgangssprache meint man mit dem Spruch Once in a blue moon entsprechend etwas sehr Seltenes.

Our Lady's Message to Marija on January 25, 2018:

"Dear children! May this time be for you a time of prayer, so that the Holy Spirit, through prayer, may descend upon you and give you conversion. Open your hearts and read the Sacred Scripture, that through the testimonies you also may be closer to God. Above everything, little children, seek God and the things of God and leave earthly ones to the earth, because Satan is attracting you to the dust and sin. You are called to holiness and created for Heaven; therefore, seek Heaven and the things of Heaven. Thank you for having responded to my call."
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Medjugorje - Eucharistic Adoration 01.02.2018 - Blue Moon
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