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Yesterday evening I lay on a deck chair amidst between 2 trees, theit boughs built a lancet arch. I just wanted to rest, I lay beneath the side-walk of the park within the rehab-clinic. But I slept for an hour. Phantastic, heavenly.
I slept with the picture of that lancet arch and the open sky.
Under the milky way.
Those songs saved my life a long time ago. I knew this song already since 30 yrs or so, and even if my time was very dark, such songs gave the hope to me that the darkness would disappear one day, no matter how long it will last.
Wish I knew what you were looking for?
I was looking for the holy veil, but didn`t know. It entered my life in 2005.
and now I lay under the milky way. This is just wonderful.
The psalm of this day is:
Psalm 4,2.3-4.7-8.
Wenn ich rufe, erhöre mich,
Gott, du mein Retter!
Du hast mir Raum geschaffen, als mir Angst war.
Sei mir gnädig, und höre auf mein Flehen!

Ihr Mächtigen, wie lange noch schmäht ihr meine Ehre,
warum liebt ihr den Schein und sinnt auf Lügen?
Erkennt doch: Wunderbar handelt der Herr an den Frommen;
der Herr erhört mich, wenn ich zu ihm rufe.

Viele sagen: «Wer lässt uns Gutes erleben?»
Herr, lass dein Angesicht über uns leuchten!
Du legst mir größere Freude ins Herz,
als andere haben bei Korn und Wein in Fülle.
the marian era began in 1830 with the miraculous Medal, the story is known here amongst catholics.
additional, the age of the "iconic turn" began (in my perception and not only in mine) on Sept. 1st, 2006, when Benedict XVI visited the holy face in Manoppello and consecrated the church where our living Christ is there since 1608 (at least!). the veil is unfolding in that way and in that times as HE planned it. not as scientists or pops plan it.
the expression "iconic turn" is a word creation from Paul, as far as I know, and he knows -as well as I and many others-that the unfolding has begun.see link

pic: ©Paul Badde 08/2008, mountain of horeb. The full moon as the host +
music: “under the milky way”, The Church, 1988
inspired by: a breakfast talking with a seat-mate, after waking up with the birds and praying the daily rosary. a perfect day, a sacred day like many days the last 2 weeks since pentecoste.

edit afternoon June 12th
this is a nice bonus-track for the son of Karin
AND for my friend Uwe. things look worse than they may develop. AND for the friend from the son of Patricia, Joe.
we pray for all of you three.
maybe your new lives begin. NOW. +

this is the song, 32 yrs later.
"the song remains the same"


edit July 3rd, 2018
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under the milky way - iconic turn
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