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Vergelt's Gott!

in my former life I`ve been working as an engineer, therefore I see it as necessary to give with zhat manual. you can take it for lucky, or for serious. your decision.

I cannot tell you what you have to do, but I can tell you how to understand the contributions of KT-GK2018.
It is an experience of me, and I let you know:
1) If you are hearing a song 1st times, you hear only the surface. I cannot talk about a song without haven`t heard it at least 3-5x.
2) When the song is heard and seen in a video, the “message between the lines” in the video is also important
3) It is important to see pictures, hear music and read texts without deflection and interruption
4) It is important to see, hear and read until the end. Sometimes the essence is at the end of a song/ picture or text
5) Check it out at this video
6) Check out if it has to do with your own life
7) If it has to do with your own life than you maybe happy
8) If you are happy tell it the others
9) Love your life
10) Praise the Lord

Pic: Padre Domenice da Cese, the future Holy of the volto santo

Music: “Out of the dark”,Falco, 1998

[no copyright infringement is intended]

. my only favourite song of him (because it is different from all the other songs he wrote). Short time before his death he saw things with other eyes, and the song is made with the other eyes which already refer to eternity. This song –and this video- is very fascinating to me, and very true.

pS: this is a general manual for life:
take your next one serious, hear what he has to say, and if you reply do it honestly and with love.
You can reach that if you try to keep the 10 commandments. They are the most important manual from the risen Jesus Christ. They are the manual for life.
ppS: this is a manual in detail for the company I was working for 22 yrs. Until 2005 we needed no manual because most of the salaried knew the 10 commandments. We have been working with love.
Since 2005 this has died, and therefore you need my manual. I`ve learned that in this company from 1996-2005, and I bring it back to you. But I am not with you anymore. I kept my love all the years. Thank you.

Dear Thomas, Annett, Silvia, Fr. Dr. Holler, Dr. Milovic, vicarious for nearly all personal here within the cleaning people und the crew for eating: thanks dai quori ♥
This morning I met a woman at the ascensore which is also leaving tomorrow. She said:
“they put me up again here”! I think we both are not the only one. You put us really up again, and this ist impossible without love. You know that.
As I came in I had faith and love, but not so much hope. It is not exaggerated to say: I leave as another man as I came here.
Of the first bird singing
I was leaving for home
With the storm
And the night behind me
And a road of my own
With the day came the resolution
I'll be looking for you
This song from my “old life” is for you, find it in the link
I experienced more here than Hans Castorp at Thomas Mann`s "Zauberberg" within 7 yrs or as Krabat in the mill where 1 year insid was 7 yrs outside. he found his "Kantorka", and I did also: the "Maria lactans" at Großgmain.
Be blessed +
No. 623 ♥

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