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maybe you have got a picture for me dear P

I think of the wonderful people I met in the clinic.

the 10, 12 I met, maybe 20, will always be in my heart and they will also.

I want to tell them that we should stay together, that we tell us everything

what we have experienced and share the joy.

I have got the music already, the text if there will be more than this) will grow during the writing.

thank you in advance

best regards

dear U., yesterday morning (when I went home) I haven`t met Nobbe anymore. embrace him (if you like)from me and tell him that he should take care of himselves.

life is pricious, and so is he - like all I met.
we hit our hearts ♥

edit 1 hour later
U. just wrote that Nobbe did not feel good.
my doctor transferred him into a hospital.
please pray for him. thank you.
dear Nobbe, may the Madonna from Großgmain watch down on you and watch over you. Amen.
edit June 23nd
der GOD, you gave us all the blessings we prayed and cried for. just spoke with my soul-friend Uwe from the clinic. he`s already at home, facing the peaces of his live. depressed, mentally und physically very sick. I beg you on my knees: TOUCH HIM. speak one word, and his soul may become healty again. help him and be with him in all his darkness. He`s just like me - 25 yrs ago. let him live - donate him your life in abundance - like you did to us. show him that he is very loved from YOU. and from your holy Mother which takes all her suffering children under her protective coat. Amen.

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