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Vergelt's Gott!

the psalm is spoken from John Paul 2nd (see link)

Sal 27,1 [Da Davide]. Il Signore è la mia luce e la mia salvezza: / di chi dovrei avere paura? Il Signore è il potere della mia vita: / Da chi dovrei temere?

Sal 27,8 Il mio cuore ricorda la tua parola: "Cerca la mia faccia!" / Il tuo viso, Signore, voglio cercare.

Ps 27,1 [From David.] The Lord is my light and my salvation: / Who should I be afraid of? The Lord is the power of my life: / From whom should I fear?

Ps 27,8 My heart remembers your word: "Seek my face!" / Your face, Lord, I will seek.

Ps 27,1 [Von David.] Der Herr ist mein Licht und mein Heil: / Vor wem sollte ich mich fürchten? Der Herr ist die Kraft meines Lebens: / Vor wem sollte mir bangen?

Ps 27,8 Mein Herz denkt an dein Wort: «Sucht mein Angesicht!» / Dein Angesicht, Herr, will ich suchen.

pic: ©PaulBadde May18th, 2013 (our church marriage under HIS eyes in Manoppello). pic modified by me to "a whiter shade of pale"

music: Procol Harum, "a whiter shade of pale", unreleased stereo-version , 1967
[no copyright infringement is intended]

edit July18th
by the way, at min 1:34 you can hear that the singer doesn`t speak the right words. this is another hint that this version has never been published.

edit July 22nd (hometown)
sitting here in Parkhotel in my birthtown, above the town.
good place, my wife still sleeping. 5 a.m. I`ll be going to town until we`ll have breakfast here.
going to the church "Holy Cross" until she awakes.
going to HIM
when I finished school there in 1978 we had a feast, and 1st times in my life i was dancing with a girl. the song was "a whiter shade of pale"
this song is the watermark of my life.
thank you God for the present that we are healthy enough to come here.
my father, a joiner, did the furniture for this hotel, it was his 1st big assignment to him and his joinery.
I went away in 1982, and my family raised up. I was working all my life, and that was enough. I`m "ill" and my only and all day work is the vineyard of the Lord. couldn`t be here for 3 yrs because of illnesses i the family.
but yesterday we met my aunt Anni, my sister and my brother. it was just wonderful. he had birthday. we celebrated in his house, our children`s house, and we all were laughing and happy.
in my heart I missed this all so much. my hometown where I went to school. beneath this place here we have an outdoor pool where we were as children and in our youth. very often. and when we were even younger, our aunt -the same aunt we met- often stepped up with us the old calvary. very nice in Donauwörth. she brings up children sinc I was born, since 57 yrs! she`s got no family. and she brings up all the children in our relationship since 1960.. she`s like a magnet to children, to us like nowadays. she gives so much love to them, I can`t believe. she is blessed.
I love you Anni.
"Uncle Schorsch" came once year when we were small
we came together again this year at pentecoste. he also still lives and still loves. he gave me all of his love and his faith at the moments the foto was made.

so, all my beloved: take care of you. keep the love. be sure to be at "sure places" as Irlmeier said.

I can`t believe that I could explain my life with 3 songs, but it works :-)

when "a whiter shade of pale" was published in 1967, we we were moving from Donauwörtto Berg in 1967, this was the luckiest time in my life. with the exception that grandfather died that year. I loved him so much. when he died there was space for uns, so we could move into the village.
my grandfather was a very honourable man. very. and I loved him so much also.
these are my beloved in Donauwörth: aunt Anni, Uncle Schorsch an my Grandfather, who was a carpenter. and he acted like the carpenter 2000 yrs ago. dear grandfather, I send you very warm greetings from here+++

edit July 22nd (the place where I live)
dear Annett, it enriches my life to know you and to receive your answers. be embraced an be blessed. T.
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to my beloved - Ps 27, 1+8
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